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A mindful approach to MTC-OIL

Sourced from organic coconuts, Nuton MCT Oil contains only the short chain healthy fats that readily convert to carb-free energy and ketones.


Focused Formula

Nuton MCT Oil focuses on the most stable, shortest-chain saturated fats to provide a readily available non-carbohydrate fuel source. By specifically excluding lauric acid, the healthy fats are more actively converted to ketones and energy so you can get more done in your day. Lauric Acid provides tons of health benefits and is over 50% of the fats in coconut oil, so you can easily get it from inexpensive coconut oil.

Healthy fats & energy

Our formula of triglycerides readily converts directly to energy by delivering directly to your liver to produce ketones and brain energy.

Contains no lauric acid

Higher production of Ketones. Scientific studies have shown that only about 30% of Lauric Acid is converted to ketones1, compared to 86% and 97% for C:8 and C:10 respectively.

Great in coffee & shakes

From Bulletproof® Coffee, to your favorite shake, Nuton MCT Oil compliments many usages and has a neutral flavor profile which allows a zero impact on taste.

Spill-resistant top

No more oily rings on the counter and mess on your hands. Do you ever wonder why most other MCT Oils come in a shampoo bottle!?

What goes into
your body matters.

We passed on the cheap Chinese MCT Oil sources that tear down rainforests to extract the oils from palm kernels. Our ultra premium MCT oil is sources sustainably from organic coconuts, and has gone through testing and is approved for Ketogenic and Paleo diets. While you don't have to be on one of those diets to enjoy the benefits of MCT Oil, you can rest assured that you are getting the absolute best available.


Recent Reviews

Ever Since I added this to my morning coffee and adding to salad dressing I have felt more energy than I have had in years. After about 9 months of a Paleo inspired diet, I am down about 20lbs. This oil has been a contributor to my weight loss and has for sure increased my energy.

Belinda Rouse Amazon Review


It is high quality oil. Our entire family takes it everyday and we've noticed improvements in our 3-year old boy's cognition since we started giving it to him. He even likes the taste!

Ginny D. Amazon Review


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